Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review

Amazing Laptop Backpack is great for all purposes.

When it comes to carrying bags, I have come to learn the beauty of the backpack. Using one strap bags, satchels, mailbags, gear slingers/day packs etc., I tend to end up with a headache. Using only a single strap, I find myself elevating that shoulder and carrying the weight weird. With any regular use, I am left miserably looking for an NSAID, to relieve my tension Headache. I have tested many bags for school, camping and for tech-related reasons. The style of bag that I enjoy varies based on the situation. Some bags have built-in charging capabilities, some have extra padding or modular abilities. For my tech, I want padding and I want comfort. Let me tell you about the TIGERNU Laptop Backpack.

The TIGERNU Laptop Backpack is shipped in a large plastic zip lock bag, which is impressively labeled with a USA address: TIGERNU (U.S.A) INC Newark Delaware. I was excited, thinking that this was a MADE IN AMERICA product. Alas, it was not. It is shipped from and sold from the USA, but Made in China. I am personally not certain what the trend is with the zip lock bag packaging. It seems that a lot of products are now being shipped with Ziplock style bags, of various sizes. I do both appreciate and understand the protection that the plastic affords. As a person who takes care of my things, I do appreciate this attention to detail.

Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review

The backpack looks stunning. The black coloration, red accent, and invisible zippers really provide a quality/professional appearance. On initial inspection, I was really impressed with this backpack. Whenever I get a new bag, the first things that I evaluate are the seams and the stitching. I really dislike cheap stitching and I really applaud the attention to detail. This is a two-strap backpack that has solid stitching throughout. The seams are hidden and secure. My favorite part is the incredibly secure stitching along the bottom of the bag, involving the webbing. There is a triangle shaped bit of fabric that extends from the bottom corner of the backpack. This is a double piece of fabric and the webbing is wedged between these layers, sewn together and then the double triangle is sewn together. This triangle of double fabric is oversewn allowing for very secure lower webbing. Do not get me wrong. When I used the term oversewn, this is not a criticism. Rather, this is the attention to detail that I appreciate. The company did not simply stitch the webbing to the bag flatly. This is how cheap bags are made, tearing very easily, leaving a large hole in the bottom of your bag. I pulled on this wedge of triangle very strongly and it did not budge. The top straps are sewn into the inside of the bag.
Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review
The bag weighs 2 lb and measures 18.11″ tall x 11.81″ wide X 5.9″ wide. If you look online, there are 2 versions of this bag, the 15.6″ and the 17.3″ bag. The above measurements are for the 15.6″ bag, which I received. The front of the bag is a classy black color with a single marking along the top right, “TIGERNU” in red stitching. Along the front are two zippered pouches with hidden black zippers and red TGN logos. The bottom pouch is 11″ wide (10″ zipper) by 7″ deep and the top of the pouch ends at the zipper. The top pocket has a 9″ zipper opening and is 10.5″ wide at the top and 11″ wide at the bottom. This is not square, rather trapezoidal. The height of the top pouch is 7.5″ from the base to the zipper and another 1.5″ is present above the zipper (total of 10″ tall). These pouches do have some padding/protection, but it is not overly thick. These would work perfectly for notepads, chargers, cables, screen cleaners, and honestly, anything that is flat.
Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review
Behind the above mentioned front pouches is the first of the two main pouches. This pouch has a clamshell like opening with roughly 24″ of zipper surface. The pouch is just at 12″ wide and runs the entire height of the bag. Towards the back of this pouch are four non-padded admin pockets. The pocket to the left is 6″ wide x 5″ tall. The next 2 pockets are pen holders 5″ tall. The last pocket is 4″ wide by 5″ tall. These pockets will hold small notebooks/pads of paper, calculator, instructions, and pens. This is an appreciated inclusion, as utility pockets come in very handy. There is minimal padding, on the outside of these pockets, but the back is supported by the padding between the 2 main compartments. There really is only a small amount of padding at the bottom of the main compartment.
Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review

The next compartment is the main compartment of the bag. On the outside of the bag is a really well made carry handle, double stitched and has some gripping mesh/moisture wicking material. This handle is well made and will likely hold up very well. Again, this is another detail between cheap bags and this bag. The zipper for the main pouch is about another 1.5″ longer on either side. This also opens like a clamshell. This pouch is about 4.5″ deep and should accommodate most 15″ laptops. It has a main pocket, running the entire height and width of the bag. Unfortunately, there is no retention webbing or Velcro strap to secure your device to the bag. This may have been an oversight, but is not a deal breaker.

Along the back of the main pocket is another set of smaller admin pockets. One pocket is an 11″ by 11″ square that has no padding towards the front of the bag. There is ample padding toward the back. Above this pocket and behind are two 4.5″ wide by 6″ deep pockets. Above and behind these pockets dwells a single zipper closure pocket of 8″ wide by 6″ deep. Again, there is ample protection behind this pocket. These pockets are ideal for flat pads, calculators, checkbook, notepads etc.

If you are looking for organization and pockets, this is the bag for you. There are four other zippers on this bag. On either side of the main compartment is a 6.5″ zipper pouch that unfolds to a mesh pocket. This pocket expands (it is mesh) and can hold a water bottle or other items of your choosing. A Nalgene bottle will fit, but it is not as secure. You will be unable to zip up the pocket. These are really convenient and I love that you can zip them up when not in use. It is really great to have a single water bottle pouch, but this bag actually has two relatively hidden side pouches. There are still two pockets that have not been mentioned. Just behind the straps is a roughly 19″ zippered pouch. This pouch is behind the main compartment, hidden by the shoulder straps and is quite secret. There is not much padding between the main compartment and this compartment, however. I wish that there was a hook at the top of this compartment for a water bladder or something similar. This would be perfect for a spiral notebook, or a flat object/book etc. Along the lower back area is another pouch. This is built into the low back padding/webbing. This pouch has a 12″ zippered opening and is 5″ tall. This pocket works well for a wallet/billfold, checkbook etc. This is relatively hidden as well and would not be immediately obvious if someone was messing with your bag. There is a loop on a mesh strap that is next to the zipper pull for the hidden upper compartment. You could lock this compartment closed. It would not do much for someone to steal the entire backpack. It would keep an iPad hidden/safe from someone thumbing through the bag, however.
Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack ReviewTigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review

The back of the bag has another TIGERNU logo sewn into the middle of the non-mesh webbed section. The last feature of note are the straps themselves. There is no across chest buckle, or abdomen buckle, which is a little disappointing knowing that you may have a laptop in the bag. With this degree of weight, the chest strap would support more of the weight, removing some of the stress from the shoulders. I turned to Amazon and apparently the chest strap does come on the larger backpack (good job TIGERNU). The buckles on the shoulder straps are thick plastic and the strap ends have finger pulls instead of just a folded over/sewn look. This helps you to tighten the straps easier. Simply but your thumbs into the hooks and pull downwards.
Tigernu Fashion Laptop Backpack Review

To summarize, this is a really nice bag, with some really nice features. I wish that there was a hook for keys in one of the pouches. Keys tend to sink to the bottom of the backpack and that is quite annoying. I wish that there was a hook at the top of the bigger hidden compartment on the back. This would be perfect for a flat water bladder for conferences. I do wish that there was more padding along the bottom of the bag and an elastic or Velcro retention strap in the main compartment to secure your laptop. Open the bag wrong and your laptop may flop around a bit. It is protected, it is padded, I just wish that there was a little bit more. The retention strap/Velcro strap is really needed in my opinion. The stitching appears to be top notch, the side water bottle/mesh compartments are really thoughtful. In summary, I really feel that this is an amazing bag. I rate the bag at 4/5 stars. It will serve your Laptop Backpack needs really well.